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Alphonse Mucha Museum

Situated outside a breath taking garden the Mucha Museum is a delight for the lovers of fine works of art. The Mucha Museum is located in the historic eighteenths century Kaunicky Palace.  This museum is the home of the Czech Republic’s most famous Nouveau artist Alphonse Mucha.

Mucha lived from 1860 – 1939 in the city of Prague.  During his life he created several hundred amazing works of art, with over one hundred of them being prominently displayed in the museum.  Many of these works include lithographs, paintings, drawings, pastels, statues, photographs and personal memorabilia that when fully explored will take you on an amazing journey through the creative mind and thinking of this influential artist.

Come and explore great art Nouveau works when visiting Prague

Before you go off exploring this museum and all it has to offer, you will want to consider getting a guided tour. It is through this guided tour you will receive historical information about each and every piece in the museum.  You will hear little known stories and really get a glimpse into the mind and world of this amazing artist.  If you do consider a personal tour you will want to purchase your ticket a few days in advanced since the space is limited and it will fill up quickly.

Like many museums in Prague you will be able to explore the gift shop.  In this shop you will be able to purchase replicas of many of these great works to dispay and enjoy in your own home or office.  After taking the time to take a tour or just go strolling around on your own you will want to consider taking a break and reflecting on the garden outside.  It is in this garden many will enjoy a cup of tea or coffee as they sit in quiet reflection and enjoyment of their experiences here and in Prague.

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