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Celetna street in Prague

When visiting Prague there will be many out of the way streets and romantic hideaways that you can visit but there is none as unique as Celetna street.  Named for the bread that was once baked there Celetna street is filled with little shops, markets and coffee house that you can leisurely stroll through, find a great bite to eat or even a small treasure you can take with you as a remembrance of your visit to Prague.

Celetna street is a part of the Royal Route which was the coronation route of Czech kings that ends at Prague Castle.  After spending your day here in the street you can return at night when all of the streets are empty and the fire of flickering torches light your way.

At night you will get a totally different feel and perspective. What was earlier a busy street has now been replaced by a romantic atmosphere that can only be described in novels and lore of the day.

Famous Homes on Celetna street

When it comes to Celentna street there are several famous and noteworthy homes.  The first and probably most famous is number 34 named House At The Black Madonna.  This house is  admired by many people for its cubist architecture.

The next house of interest would be number two Houses Sixt House and number three At the Tree Kings.  From there many other house bare mentioning but none other than The Manhart House which is house number seventeen.  This house serves as a Piarist College.

When it comes to visiting Prague there is much more to see on Celetna street as well as many other locations in Prague.  It will be in your best interest to take a day and just enjoy a leisurely stroll.  Take a peek down narrow streets and around unbeaten path’s.  On your travels you may never know what or who you will encounter.

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