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Cervena Lhota
Cervena Lhota

Cervena Lhota chateau

When you are traveling through the Czech Republic you will want to schedule some time to come and visit the Cervena Lhota chateau.  This picturesque building is located about twenty kilometers north west of Jindřichův Hradec a small town South of Bohemia.

The chateau is located in the middle of a lake on an incredible island.  The building is constructed in the Renaissance style.  This picture perfect scene is a favorite of tourists who flock to the chateau throughout the year for a fun and relaxing time.

The meaning of name Cervena Lhota

Its name Červená Lhota meaning “red lhota” can be explained by the color of the château’s bright-red roof tiles.  Besides the Chateau you will find a small park.  Within this park you will find the Chapel of the Holy Trinity.  Here guests can come and worship and engage in mass during their stay at the chateau.

Why build on an island?

When the construction of the chateau started on solid ground over the years water began to seep into the rocky soil below.  Over time with strong rains and storms the waters turned the once solid foundation around the chateau into an island.


The chateau is a two story building with four wings.  Originally constructed as a small cottage the chateau was renovated by many generations of owners into the tourist attraction that it is today.  A small stone bridge was constructed as the way in and out of the chateau which was originally a drawbridge like one found in ancient castles.

Within the chateau you will find amazing works of art, porcelain statues, paintings, handmade furniture and much more.  For visitors of the chateau the ability to spend the night is a welcomed one.

Those who have been given the privilege to stay they will be taken in by all of the beauty. The guests will wake up with an amazing view to the south of the fishpond covered by thick forest, which forms a backdrop to the château.

One of the activities and lovers enjoy about the chateau is the ability to take a romantic boat ride in the pond. The pond is one of the major attractions and enjoyed by all.

If you are interested in visiting the Chateau you will want to book a few months in advance.  With the high demand for the opportunity many visitors will rebook their stay for the same time each year making it a welcomed vacation destination.

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