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Charles Bridge Museum

When visiting Prague you will undoubtable hear about the Charles Bridge and Charles IV. If you don’t’ then you really haven’t been paying attention.  As you travel through Prague you will see many museums dedicated to a wide range of people and historical events.  There is no wonder that the Charles Bridge also has its own museum.

When visiting this museum you will learn the history of the bridges construction.  You will even be bale to see original stones that were used in its construction, the machines that were used to make the bridge as well as hear stories that were never know that happened during the bridges construction.

The legend

There is also a legend that is associated with the bridge.  Do you know what it is?  Well, there is a substance that was used to help ensure that the bridge would stand the test of time.  It is an item that we use on a daily basis in almost everything that we consume today.  Do you know what it is?  The answer may surprise you.  It is egg yolk.

The Gateway to Prague

Since the bridge is the gateway into the city there is a lot of history and stories that go along with it.  You will learn how the bridge was used to protect the city from invaders as well as battles that were actually fought on the bridge.

Charles Bridge is the memory of the most prosperous era of Bohemia during the region of Charles IV; Czech kingdom was on the top of political, cultural and social life. Prague was in the middle of 14th century one of the most populated metropolises of the world. In 1378, Prague had 40,000 citizens.

So, the next time you are vising Prague and you gaze down at the bridge, take a stroll along the bridge and even gaze out into the city, don’t forget to take some time and really learn about the history and culture that were responsible for the bridges construction.

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