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Litomysl Palace, Czech Republic

Chateau And Chateau Complex In Litomyšl

Litomysl is situated 177 kilometers east of Prague and it takes at least two hours by train or car to reach there. Litomysl was founded around the trade route that linked Moravia and Bohemia at the start of the 11th century. The Italianate Renaissance castle is the most dominant feature of this city. The city has been on the UNESCO World Cultural and Heritage List since 1999. It’s wise to note that this city is the birthplace of the author Bedřich Smetana, whose name is celebrated by a yearly opera festival.

The gardens of the chateau are open for travellers around the planet year round and one can have the pleasure of seeing its inner part the chateau but he or she must be accompanied by a tour guide. What’s more, the interior part of the chateau is only accessible during warmer months. The interior of chateau is partitioned into two tours, but the rooms that can be accessed are thirteen in total, including the chapel, the library, billiard room, and an exceptional baroque theaterette.

The most interesting feature of the chateau is the decoration of its exterior parts. Several parts of its exterior are decorated with sgraffito bricks. Sgraffito is a unique way of beautifying a surface by rubbing through a wet layer of a surface to expose a distinct layer underneath. Chateau walls are covered by an abstract pattern of bricks and the different designs within each block are amazing. The most interesting thing about this pattern is that most of them are not recurrent.

The cornice is found around the base of the roof and is decorated using more figural images of different tales and legends. The chimneys and the gables are beautified using the same decorations as the cornice and the interesting pattern of sgraffito bricks is interjected only by the sundial that faces the main entrance of the courtyard.

Litomysl is honored to be recognized as a modern historical town. Its exceptional beauty comes from its fusion of new and old architecture, which attracts not only lovers of art and historical monuments from all over the world but also historians and sight-seeing lovers. It’s believed that every gifted Czech architect would like to create something in this beautiful city and some of them have already done that.

With its yard surrounded by two tiers or arcades, the city’s castle is one of the best Italian Renaissance chateaus on the east side of Rhine. The castle was established in the 16th century and its exterior is decorated with sgraffito blocks. Inside this castle there is a very intriguing feature, an old theatre from 1796 to 1797. The theatre is made mainly from wood and it can accommodate up to 150 people. The original auditorium, stage equipment and stage decorations are still in place for all these years. Wine lovers would certainly appreciate the castle’s gothic cellars, an extraordinary place where they can drink pure wine from the chateau Litomysl series while observing the most extraordinary monuments of Olbram Zoubek.

Having found a place in the UNESCO List, Litomysl is truly a home of Renaissance architecture and the chateau and chateau complex are the best symbols of these Litomysl architecture. Visit Litomysl today for a memorable experience.

Jiráskova 93
570 01 Litomyšl
Czech Republic


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