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Church of Sts Cyril and Methodius

When it comes to visiting Prague there are many untold stories that will entice you history buffs. Some of these stories are tall tales while others are little known and rarely spoken of events that actually had significant impact on the outcome of the war.

One such place is the Church of St. Cyril and Methodius.  Open only for mass this church was the site of an epic standoff between to assigns of one of one of the orchestrators of the Jewish internment camps.  Reinhard Heydrich.

Turning the tides on the Nazi occupation of Prague

Jan Kubiš and Jozef Gabčík were two soldiers in the second world war who ambushed and assonated  Reinhard Heydrich by throwing a grenade into his vehicle.  The attack was thought to be a failure however until Heydrich died several days earlier from his injuries.

In the meantime Jan Kubiš and Jozef Gabčík sought refuge in the Church of St. Cyril and Methodius by sneaking into a hidden passageway and hiding away in the crypt.  This however was in vein since the men were exposed and a firefight ensued.

The battle came to an end when both men realized that there was no escape and finally committed suicide in the crypt.  After several hours the men were retrieved and later laid to rest.

As a part of history this church is a lesser known spot in the tourist industry.  When visiting Prague however you should really consider visiting the church. Inside you will see a monument to the two men who were involved in the assentation as well as a retelling of the entire story from the initial plans for the extermination of the Jews to the final days and funeral of Reinhard Heydrich.

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