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The City of Prague Museum
PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC - DECEMBER 3, 2016: The City of Prague Museum located in Prague. December 3, 2016 Prague, Czech Republic

The City of Prague Museum

The City of Prague Museum is one eye-catching building built in a neo-renaissance style. The building, which was built between 1896 and 1898, is located next to Florenc Metro Station. The building was designed by Antonin Balšánek to specifically serve as the Royal Museum of the state. The neo \ -renaissance – styled building is a catchy site itself, which has well-organized permanent and varied exhibits.

The exhibits and collections reveal the history of Prague from the pre-historical era to the 1784 – a period when the independent towns of Prague united to form one common region. The museum houses historical collections and archaeological collections, which include maps that document Prague’s history, weapons, documents, and many other historical artifacts.

If you plan to visit Prague for the holidays or business purposes, you should try to make time and schedule at least one visit to this museum, which will take you back in time to experience the roots of Prague firsthand.

In the visit, you can be sure to see and experience archaeological artifacts from the museum’s excavations around the city of Prague, and an accurate model of the city that is over one and half centuries old. If you also happen to like historical vedute such as graphical prints that capture the features of the city, then this is the ideal place to visit.

One of the most interesting highlights is the large cardboard model of Prague designed and built by Antonin Langweil, who was a handyman of the Museum. The miniature depiction of Langweil captures fine details of the city down to the windowsills, and the colors of the roofs and doors.

The three-dimension and 20m2 depiction of the city reveal unique details of how Prague Castle, the Lesser Town, and the Old Town appeared prior to the last major re-development of the city of Prague, which occurred towards the start of the 20 th century.

If you are a lover of archaeological finds, then be prepared to travel back in time to the stone-age and back to the 18th century. The pre-historic segment of the museum’s exhibition gives clear answers to anyone wishing to learn about the first inhabitants of Prague, and their origin.

You will also get to learn about where the first inhabitants lived, what they looked like, how they dressed, what they ate, and how they farmed. You will also get to learn about their cultural life including issues such as how they buried their dead.

The museum presents Prague’s history, which stretches back to the pre – historic period till the arrival of the Slavs in Prague in the sixth century. The curators use the findings of experimental archaeology to tell a clear story by using reconstruction techniques, replicas, models, and displays. Other exhibitions show both Medieval and Baroque Prague.

After the comprehensive review of the museum’s content and visit to the city center of Prague, you are highly likely to come to one conclusion: that Prague’s historical city as presented by Langweil in his model has changed very little, and it still holds its old picture and views.

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