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Dancing House Prague

When visiting Prague you will be surrounded by churches, castles, medieval statures, gardens and sights that will just take your breath away.  When visiting Prague you may feel that you have taken a giant step back in time and as a result wonder if the city will ever catch up with modern times.

If after you have taken in all of the culture that you can and are looking for a little bit of coolness or modern skyline you will want to seek out the dancing house.  The dancing house was once nicknamed Fred and Ginger from the two American dancing couple.  This name is now seldom used and is now referred to as the dancing house.

This house was built on a bit of history.  It is here where the US bombed Prague during the second world war.  During its construction however the house seen as an eye soar of sorts.  Not following the flow of traditional construction methods and technique it did take tome time for the people of Prague to accept the structure and adopt it as a national landmark.

When visiting Prague however, you will delight in its twisted lines and unique plays of lights and shadows.  When viewing the house you may even come under the impression that it is alive.  Taking a walk inside of the house will give you a feeling of being in a fun house or other circus attraction.

So, when it comes to visiting Prague take your time and see all of the castles, gardens and other points of interest.  But before you leave make sure to take a stroll down by the water to see one of the most interesting buildings you will ever see in the world.

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