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Franciscan gardens

When walking around Prague you will be amazed at all of the beautiful trees, buildings, statues and history that surrounds you. When traveling Prague you will meet amazing people, sample local cosine and much more.  However, there will be times that you just want to take a moment for yourself and really reflect on what you have experienced on your journey.

When visiting Prague there is no better place to go for a quiet stroll a be with your own thoughts then when visiting the Franciscan Gardens.  These gardens were first designed in the year 300 AD. They are now owned by the monetary that gazes down upon them from above.

Go for a walk to remember when enjoying history and beauty at the Franciscan gardens

When entering the gardens you will be surrounded by low cut hedges, flowers and plants that are not only beautiful but have modifiable value to them as well.  As you stroll through the gardens you will be able to take time to yourself and relax on one of the many benches that line the garden.  You can gaze at people enjoying the day and really take in the atmosphere that is Prague.

When entering the gardens animals are not allowed however so this is not a place to hang out, run and play.  Instead it is a place of contemplation, relaxation and reflection on anything and everything that Prague and life in general has to offer.

So, make sure to pick a day at the start of your trip as well as its end to both center yourself for the visit of a lifetime and to center yourself for your journey home.

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