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Franz Kafka Museum
PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC - OCTOBER 4, 2015: Entrance of the Museum of Franz Kafka, Prague, Czech Republic

Franz Kafka Museum

The Franz Kafka Museum is your place to go to relive and experience the works of this great German author.  Born July 3rd 1885 Franz Kafka was like any other boy in the city of Prague.  He played with his friends, went to school and just enjoyed life.  What set him apart is that he was a very creative child who enjoyed creating stories that fascinated and delighted all who heard them.

Dive into the world of fantasy when reliving the works of Franz Kafka

When creating his stories Franz used a combination of realism and the fantastic imagery to instill the visual imagery of his stories into the minds of his readers.  This combination was a fresh approach to a writing style at the time which quickly made him one of the most influential writers in the twentieth century.

When looking at and reading his style of work you are presented with an isolated protagonists who is forced to deal with bizarre or surrealistic predicaments that needed to be dealt with.  This style of writing hit a major cord with readers starting a major movement in literature and exploration.

When visiting the museum you will be able to see these one of a kind stories in their original manuscript form.  Also, if you want to take a piece of the culture home with you, the museum offers reprints of his work for purchase.  These include manuscripts, diaries, works of art, statues and much more.

Operation Hours

If you are interested in learning more about this great artist you can visit the museum daily from 10 am – 6 pm.

Like many artists of the time Kafka work was not appreciated during his lifetime.  In fact many of his works remained unpublished and unrecognized until after his death from tuberculosis in 1924.  The artist was only 40 years old.

So if you are a fan of art or just like the telling of a good story, you will want to make plans to visit the Franz Kafka museum.


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