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Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge Popular historic landmark

The Charles bridge is one of the major landmarks in Prague. The bridge, constructed in the 14 th century by emperor Charles IV is close to other prominent historic buildings of the city, and this makes it a popular destination for tourists.

It was built over the river Vltava and connects two major parts of the city, namely, the Old Town and Prague Castle. Prague is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, and locations such as the Charles Bridge offer insights into the reasons for the popularity of the city when it comes to tourism. The bridge offers many fascinating tales about its construction, such as the use of milk and wine added to the mortar or the astrological significance of its date of construction.

Bridge Tower

The Bridge Tower at the Old Town end of the bridge is worth visiting, due to its splendid architecture and elaborate interior workmanship, not to mention the bird’s eye view you are treated to at the top. It features sculptures created by the original architect of the bridge, Peter Parler.

The Bridge Tower at the Prague castle side is home to charming shops and restaurants, perfect for a quiet afternoon spent lounging at the cafes or shopping.

Another landmark is the remnant of the original bridge, known as the Judith’s Bridge, which was destroyed due to floods shortly after the bridge was constructed. Here, you can visit a museum exhibit offering more information about the history of the bridge. It is also a good place to visit should you want to learn more about life in the city in the medieval era.

The statues

Decorating the Charles Bridge are a series of statues, of comparatively recent construction. There are numerous statues adorning the bridge but many of them were constructed much later owing to the spate of natural disasters that consistently damaged original statues. The most notable statue is of John of Nepomuk.

Nearby attractions

Not very far from the Charles Bridge lies the Prague Castle, a major historic landmark of the city, and among its oldest. Today, it is also an important administrative center, as it is home to the President of the Czech Republic. It is also home to the St. Vitus Cathedral, museums, towers, and churches.

How to reach Charles Bridge

Prague’s dependable public transportation offers a cheap and convenient way to tour the city landmarks. The Metro offers services to Staromestska A line, which is the closest stop for visitors to the landmark. For those using trams, the tram lines 17 and 18 are a good choice against at the Staromestska stop.

The architectural marvels will delight tourists, as will the rich cultural experiences to be had at the Charles Bridge. If you are on a walking tour of the city, you will enjoy mingling with the throngs of visitors or watching the various artists and street musicians practicing their craft here. For those who have time to spare, a visit to the surrounding areas would also offer many adventures among the scenic setting of the riverside.