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A castle Hluboka nad Vltavou, Czech Republic

Hluboka nad Vltavou – English charm in Czech setting

The town of Hluboka nad Vltavou is more than 700 years old. The town’s history closely intertwines the town of Ceske Budejovice which was also founded around the same time and very close to Hluboka. The settlement was known as the Pohrad during its earliest days.


The town was founded by the king Otakar ii. It became a bigger city over the course of the next century. the towns most notable monument is the Hluboka castle. The castle’s foundation was laid in the 17th century and over the course of the next 300 years, renovations were carried out by the varied inhabitants. The castle was first built by Ungnad in gothic style and then by the father and son duo of Jachym and Adam. The medieval era saw the renaissance style being used for construction .

English charm

The most recent renovations in the 19th century were reputedly on the lines of the architecture of the Windsor Castle in Britain, lending a very British feel to the architecture. The parks surrounding the castle, in addition to the architecture, also remind one of the gardens and lawns surrounding English country houses and palaces.

The scenic beauty of the park is as much an attraction as the building itself. The park is home to all kinds of trees. Additionally they offer majestic views of the nearby mountains of Sumava. Visitors can also see the city of Ceske Budejovice from the park. The natural splendor includes, besides trees, waterbodies and ponds.

Art gallery

The castle premises are home to the South Bohemian Art Gallery. The gallery, established in 1956 is housed within a former stable. It offers exhibits depicting regional art from the medieval to modern era. Visitors can view paintings from the 17th century belonging to masters from Holland, and some masterpieces of Gothic art by medieval Bohemian artists. For those interested in 20th century art, there is an exhibit dedicated to Czech art in this era.

Charles Castle

The castle remains are among the most popular attractions in the city. It was once used as a stopover for kings on their hunting tours.

The hunting lodge was built later in the 18th century is mostly popular for its Baroque architecture. For people visiting with kids, this is a wonderful venue as it features a mini zoo, with smaller animals. the cellars are another draw for kids, as they feature themes from some eternal fairytales such as Cinderella and Snow White.

Things to do

The town offers enough options for outdoor activities. Its lush meadows and farms are perfect for exploration, as are the quiet woods. You can rent bicycles to explore the park and other areas. Camping tours are also a favorite with visitors. For those looking to explore nearby attractions, one option would be to visit the villages nearby, many of which have retained their quaintness and old houses, giving you the feeling of having stepped back into time.

For those who want to explore the town a little more, there are restaurants service local cuisine, an ice skating ring, and golf course.


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