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Hunger Wall

When we take our trip to Prague we are always in search of historical events, places of interest and stories that will stay with us long after we have taken our trips and had our adventures.  One of these places is the Hunger wall in Prague.

When it comes to the hunger wall there is a lot of myths and truths behind its construction.  During the reign of Charles the fourth the city of Prague was in the middle of a long hard drought.  This drought caused many of the fields of crops to dry up and wither away.  As such the poor in the city were starving and beginning to die off.

Being the leader that he is Charles commissioned the wall to be built in order to employ the poor as well as strengthen the security of Prague Castle.  It is legend that Charles the fourth didn’t pay his workers in gold or riches rather ensured that all who worked on the wall as well as their families were fed during the hard times ot the day.

When visiting Prague you can visit the hunger wall as it has been aptly named.  You can relive the story as well as see some find construction work from a proud people during hard times.

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