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Colorful John Lennon wall in Prague Czech Republic

John Lennon wall in Prague

When it comes to freedom of expression be it political, religious or other the people of Prague have been surprised for hundreds upon hundreds of years.  The people of Prague have seen countless dictators, communist governments and even religious figures over the years try to sway their views, beliefs and actions until the point it finally broke.

If you are anyone you know who John Lennon is.  You know that his life was cut short by violence as well as the power of his voice to inspire the world.  In the war torn city of Prague his voice and message struck such a cord with the people that many people took it upon themselves to fight back by using his message as inspiration to move forward and demand change.

John Lennon, inspiriting a country he never visited, faces he never saw

This however did not go over well with the government.  Many who were caught singing, listening to or otherwise engaging with Lennon’s music were beaten, jailed or worse.  This, however did not say the people of Prague and they took a stand by creating a mural to the great man for the entire city to see.

The wall started out small with inspirational sayings and pictures.  It soon grew into something that when seen gave hope and inspiration to all.  As each day passed every attempt to remove the contents of the wall was made.  However each day new messaged, artwork and expressions were found on the wall.  The installation of security guards and video surveillance didn’t detract from the artists it only seemed to inspire them more to go back and create new messages, hope and inspiration for a the people of Prague.

Today the wall is owned by the Knights of the Maltese Cross.  This once beautiful tribute to a great man is now seeing the signs of years of neglect and age.  Even though the original art that was created as the tribute is long gone, new messages and artwork are continuously being added keeping the hope, spirit and dreams of freedom and love alive in the city of Prague.

If you happen to visit Prague you will want to make sure to take a moment and visit the wall.  It is also said that if you look hard enough you can still see message of years past that are fighting through the paint to live again.

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