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karlovy vary
Karlovy vary

Karlovy Vary

Spa town Karlovy Vary is located on the West of Czech Republic right on the meeting of two rivers Ohře and Teplá. It’s around 120 kilometers from Prague. The city is the main and most important city of region Karlovy Vary.

History of the city

The history of city is really rich. The city was established by Karel IV in 14th century. Legend says that, the emperor let it build right after random discovery of thermal springs; these were discovered by his hunting entourage. Many noblemen and rich citizens used the spas in 16th century. Unfortunately not many original buildings survived, because of several nature disasters.

Large amount of these sights are from 18th and 19th century. These times were the golden era for this city. In the beginnings of the 20th Karlovy Vary became the most famous spa city in the Europe.

Spa tradition

Karlovy Vary are usually connected with spa stays. Spa treatment is getting perfect after centuries and Czech people and foreigners still visits. Many patients visits Karlovy Vary from various reasons like: indigestion, metabolism disorder, diabetes, obesity, gout, periodontosis, musculoskeletal disorder, illnesses of liver, pancreas, gall bladder, patients after oncology treatment, with various neurological illnesses and others.

Spa tradition offers broad range of procedures, favorite and effective are thermal baths and drinkable cure. Also modern methods, which are for example laser therapy or cryotherapy. You can have classic treatment under the vision of doctors in sanatoriums and spa hotels. You can visit on the recommendation of doctor or as a private patient.

Karlovy Vary has many shapes

Karlovy Vary is not just spa city. There is International Film Festival Karlovy Vary every year under supervision of actor Jiří Bartoška. Many cultural and sport events are held. Unique settings and beautiful architecture allure filmmakers; one of the James Bond movies was filmed here: Casino Royal.

Last but not least Vary brings unique products; if you named them you will call to mind this city. Most impotently it’s wafers and Becherovka.

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