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Karlstejn Castle – the wonders of royal treasury

Among the many legends existing about the Karlstejn Castle, one relates to its use as a place to hold the king’s treasury. Built by Charles iv, the castle promises a peek into history, as you explore the massive castle and marvel at its strategically secure stronghold. The castle is also home to a chapel that was revered by the king.


The castle was built in the latter half of the 14th century. like most castles in the country, this one is also famous for its Gothic architecture. Another notable attraction is the design of the building. Since it was meant to store treasures and to keep the royalty safe, the castle has a wall that seems impossible to breach. The castle housed people of varying degrees of importance, according to their ranks and thus offers accommodation in different levels of the castle. The lower parts are home to the Burgrave Palace. Above that is the Imperial Palace, known for its impressive height and expanse. Here lived the king and people of his court, in addition to their families.

Marian Tower

This is the smaller tower, and holds a chapel. You can climb to the top of the tower for a very attractive view of the surroundings.

Great Tower

If you are treasure hunting, this is the place that you would find relevant. This is where the royal treasures were supposed to have been held. There aren’t any expensive gemstones or gold coins here now, but the place still holds fasncination for people. If you are very eager to see the treasures, you can at least view a facsimile of them at the museum. You will see copies of the crown jewels of the king and the church.

Chapel of Holy Cross

The Great Tower is home to the chapel that was once considered to be very sacrosanct by the king. According to legends the entry of women was banned. Today you can experience the marvelous frescoes at the castle, known for their detailed workmanship. The windows are decorated with semi precious stones.

The well

The lower levels house well which was very deep. To obtain water, people would use their feet to move the large wheel .

Surrounding area

The castle is also famous for its location, which is one of the reasons, apart from the high walls, that it was never in enemy hands. Strategically located on a hilltop, hidden among other hills, the castle would have been difficult to locate in the olden days and this is why enemy troops had trouble getting to it. Even today, you would need to take a familiar person along if you explore the surrounding areas.

You would have to walk to the top of the hill after arriving in town, from the train station. The walk can be slightly difficult, so you can prepare yourself by relaxing at the restaurants and cafes en route. Also present are a number of shops selling all types of souvenirs. For those who don’t like the idea of walking, there is a charming alternative in the form of a horse drawn carriage.

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