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Castle Karlstejn
Castle Karlstejn Czech Republic

Karlstejn chateau

Built in 1348 the Karlstejn chateau is also considered a castle.  The chateau was built by Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor-elect and King of Bohemia.  It initial purpose for the chateau was to hold sacred relics, crown jewels and many other important and priceless works of art.

Located about thirty kilometers southwest of Prague the Larlstejn chateau is probably the most visited and talked about historic buildings in the Czech Republic.  So, if you are visiting the Czech Republic or even looking for a place to go during your visit to Prague, this is one that you won’t want to pass up.

The Hustle Wars

When we look at the history of Prague and even the surrounding areas we are constantly reminded of the Hustle Wars.  It is during this time period that the crown jewels, artifacts, treasures and other priceless works of art were smuggled out of the chateau and taken to Hungry.  After the wars were over these items were once again returned ensuring that the treasures would live on for future generations.

During the war one of the tactics used to protect the chateau was to catapult human bodies and human dung over the walls at the attackers.  This was a great tactic since many of the attacking warriors feared death from the plague that was ravaging the area.  With the little advancement we had in medicine at the time many feared that the bodies died from the plague, which was a falsehood, which helped to protect the chateau and ultimately win the war.

The Thirty Year War

As many places in the Czech Republic the thirty year war was one that ravaged the chateau once again.  Using the same tactic that they did in the Hustle Wars the jewels and treasures were removed from the chateau but this time taken to Prague for their safety.


Today the chateau stands strong and open to visitors.  Thousands come to this historic place every year to vast in its treasures as well as centuries of history.  The chateau has been renovated several times over the centuries with different styles such as Gothic and Renaissance.

If you are looking for a place to visit while on your travels this is one of the best to come and see.  Surrounded by lush landscapes and breathtaking vistas travels and locals alike have nothing but good things to say about this amazing historic landmark.  Come and visit Karlstejn.

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