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Konopiště Chateau-home of an influential monarch

If you are planning a tour of the notable attractions outside Prague, you can look forward to a tour of the Konopiště Chateau. The castle is mainly famous as the home of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand, who lived here in the late 19th century. The assassination of the Archduke in 1914 triggered the First World War, and this is why this castle commands so much historical significance. It is known as the last home of the assassinated Archduke. The opulence, beautiful works of art, and the personal collections of the Archduke are silent proof of the importance that royalty commanded in a time long past and a peek into how some important figures in history lived.


The Konopiště Chateau is very old, built a few centuries before it became associated with Franz Ferdinand. It was originally built in a gothic style. In the 15th century, it was renovated and took on some elements of Renaissance style, such as domed ceilings and accompanying gardens. Jan Josef repaired the castle and introduced the Baroque style to the décor. When the Hapsburg family chose to create their home here in the 19th century, the castle was renovated to fit the tastes of the king. Modern amenities such as electric lights and central heating were put in, as was an elevator.

The collections

The king loved to hunt and his search for wild game took him to all corners of the world. you can see a collection of his hunting displays, collected from Africa, India, and Australia, among other places. Also displayed are some of the weapons he had in his collection. However, this castle also offers incentives to art lovers. They can visit the former guest bedrooms to look at the paintings and furnishings, maintained in their original condition. Some notable displays include rococo style furniture, a crystal chandelier and a gemstone studded table. There are antique pieces of furniture too, befitting a monarch who lived in style. One of the more notable attractions is Italian furniture dating back to the 17th century, featuring frescoes of dainty flowers and birds.

How the royalty lived

You will get to see how the powerful kings and noblemen once lived, when you tour the castle living quarters. One of the more notable parts of the castle would be the dining hall, with magnificent entrance and an attached kitchen. The dining hall is notable for its opulent ceiling, decorated in a Baroque fresco depicting the Greek god of feast and wine. You will also get to vist the weapons display, and the weapons storage area. Many of the weapons are priceless owing to their age. The castle was home to a smoking lounge and a library that you can also visit, on your tour of the Konopiště Chateau.

There are plenty of other attractions for those looking to visit the castle. The noted Rose Garden, for one, offers splendid place for those who love natural settings. This garden offers nicely sculpted flower beds, and hothouses with plants from different parts of the world. This park is also notable for many renaissance type sculptures.



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