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Krivoklat Castle long and diverse history

A tour of the Krivoklat Castle offers many things, from a splendid gothic experience to a backdrop of a nature park. The surrounding areas are as charming as the majestic castle, so you would want to take your time in exploring the area and the things it has to offer.


The Krivoklat Castle was built in the 12th century. Under the patronage of King Vaclav IV, the castle was renovated and more wings added to it. The castle fell into the hands of Hussites and Catholics during the turbulent period that saw the Hussite war in the 15th century. The castle was later reconstructed. By the 17th century, its importance had diminished and it fell into disrepair. It was later restored by the Furstenbergs. The castle was ruined by fire in the 19th century, and underwent an extensive period of renovation. In mid 20th century, the castle became state property.

Medieval church

Among the more notable attractions of the Krivoklat Castle is the Gothic church which features an altar dating back to the 15th century. The statues are almost lifelike in their workmanship. Depicted here are the 12 apostles.


Another interesting site is the castle tower. It offers a wonderful view of the surroundings, once you have managed the climb which involves a spiral staircase and around 70 steps. The castle is one of the oldest remnants of the original building, and as such offers an interesting piece of history for visitors to study.

Royal Hall

The Royal Hall and the Knights Hall display many types of paintings and sculptures. Here you can visit the castle library, which is famous for its collection of thousands of documents.

The collection of the Furstenberg family is also on display, and you can study the paintings and other artefacts here to learn more about the tastes of the royalty and the painting styles prevent in those times.


This is not a visit for the fainthearted as the dungeons feature difficult conditions that must have existed for those once imprisoned here.

Surrounding areas

The Krivoklat Castle has a picturesque setting, one that offers plenty of outdoor recreation. There are trails for hiking and biking as well as options for walks.

At the village where the castle is located, you can enjoy local cuisine at one of the traditional restaurants. Also recommended would be a tour of the town of Plasy, not very far from the castle. Here, you can visit a medieval monastery. You can also visit the local brewery at Pilsen, famous for its beer.

For those interested in the supernatural, a tour of the Krivoklat Castle offers another interesting facet in that it is associated with legends of many ghosts. Even if you are a realist, the long and chequered history of the castle, and the secretive vaulted ceilings and passages, would give you goosebumps.

Getting to Krivoklat Castle from Prague is easy, which is another reason for you to schedule a visit to the castle. You can get to the village by train from Prague in slightly over an hour’s time.

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