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Photo of Krizik´s fountain

Krizik’s fountain

One of the greatest experiences I had when vising Prague was when I came and watched the amazing light and water show that was performed at the Krizik fountain.  This fountain located in the center of Prague and is an amazing sight to see for tourists and locals alike.

Enjoy an amazing light and water show at the Krizik’s fountain

The original fountain was created in 1891 after the citizens of Prague saw an example of this fountain and lighting technology demonstrated at the World Exhibition.  The light and water show as a delight to all and those living there at the time demaned one of their own.


The fountain was constructed by František Křižík, the Czech equivalent of the America’s Thomas Edison.  With modern upgrades the fountain has a dimension of 25 x 45 meters and can hold up to an impressive 1650 cubic meters of water.  To control the lighting and water the fountain is controlled by an intricate system of piping, 1300 reflective multicolored reflectors and a state of the art computer system.

With the upgrades to the fountain visitors and locals alike can now enjoy fully coria graphed shows that will keep them in awe for hours.

The Tourist Experience

When visiting Prague this visual spectacular is not just a bunch of lights and music, in fact many live events can be enjoyed here. Many of the events that visitors can experience are shows like Disney’s Princess and other tales, fountains of flames, celebrations such as the Grammy Awards, Movie premiers such as James Bond and so much more.

If you are someone who is looking for a fun and enjoyable night of entertainment that is suitable for a first date, special occasion or just a night on the town then visiting this fountain will be one of the greatest experiences you will ever have in the city of Prague.

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