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Kutna Hora is very old city and its monuments should be seen by all fans of history.

Kutná Hora trip

If you are looking for the ideal place for a trip, you can visit Kutna Hora. It’s a medieval city, which has a lot of interesting sights and beautiful nature.

Kutna Hora is located in Central Bohemian Region and it is very important conservation area, which belongs on the list of UNESCO. History of the city is connected with mining and digging silver and silver ores. That’s why it’s called Kutná Hora (which can be translated as Mining Mountain). The beginnings of silver mining can be found in 13th century of the last millennium. In the year 1142 there was, in the near Sedlec, established Cistercians monastery, which was the first of its kind in Czech.

Sights in Kutna Hora

Very important and unique sight is Sedlec Ossuary. Interesting thing is that it is decorated with real human bones. It really is unordinary sight, and even tourists from abroad visits. The tour of Ossuary will take you a lot of time; nevertheless it will leave a deep impression on you. What is important to realize is that Ossuary should not symbolize the death, on contrary it symbolize death as a part of the ending of our lives.

Temple of St. Barbara

It’s a Roman Catholic branch church, which belongs to the most admire sights. This beautiful gothic temple became the symbol of the city and it attracts a lot of tourists every day. Since 1995 it’s on the list of UNESCO.

It is one the most precious work of the late gothic architecture in Czech. Church was established around the year 1388. This beautiful work was built as a tribute to patron of miners St. Barbara. In the interiors you will arise unique view of gallery where is late gothic and renaissance drawings from 15th century. Temple is after the reconstruction and looks really amazing. You have to see this impressive work in Kutná Hora.

Czech silver museum

This museum is in Hrádek. Viewing circuit is approximating a process, where you can see what happens to silver ore before it became coin. Museum in Hrádek is there since second half of 20th century.

Get to know the city on your own, city where are sights so precious, that they or on the list of UNESCO. The city is really worth to see.

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