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Lázně Bohdaneč

Lázně Bohdaneč is located in Palaba lowlands, approximately 463m above the sea level. The city has terrific location, because it’s just 10 km away from Pardubice and approximately 20 southwest of Hradec Králové. Beautiful nature really stands out, also with deep forests where fruit gardens and alleys are, there are also beautiful valleys. Spas are a popular place for relaxation and treatment of musculoskeletal illnesses.

History of the city

First mention about the city comes from 14th century. In these times Bohdaneč belonged to noblemen from Cimburk, and it was later bought by William of Pernstein. Right there under his rule Bohdaneč experienced its biggest boom. The village gained some various, but very important privileges, the trading was prospering so was craftsmanship. William built fish industry, which is still working today, 44 ponds are maintained and preserved.

Important change arrived at the end of 19th century, when Jan Veselý built bog spas. Jan was lessee of fish industry. Trial run was started in 1897. The number of patients was growing and in 1908 was finally established public bus transportation between villages Bohdaneč and Pardubice.

Today spas are offering to its patients a whole range of services. For example bog treatment, water treatment, electric treatment, massages and inhalation. Around 7000 patients visit annually. Statute as a spa city Bohdaneč gained in 1963 and it became city in 1971. Since 1980 it holds its official name Lázně Bohdaneč.

Points of interest

Bohdaneč is not just spas. The city has its own symbol, which is connected with legend. In the symbol there is an angel, which is the symbol of love; eagle represents strength and crown power.

Gočárův okruh is also popular between tourists, it’s a track which is approximately 5km long and offers not demanding walking tourism through city and landscape. Track is named after important architect Josef Gočár, which was in the city at the beginning of 20th century.

Educational track starts and ends on square. Tourists can’t miss Baroque church or Renaissance city hall.

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