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Situated between the rivers Elbe and Ohře the city of Litomerice is just one of those you will want to find time to visit when visiting the Czech Republic.  Located northwest of Prague the city of Litomerice has been called the Garden of Bohemia and for good reason.

The city of Litomerice is one of those places that is warm and comfortable all year round.  Famous for growing grapes this town has a warm and inviting atmosphere that many travelers rely on when planning their vacations or weekends away.

Early years

During the early years of the city it was a Celtic settlement.  These settlements didn’t survive long however due to the Germanic tribes attacking and overtaking the city.  Earliest records of the city can be dated back to the second century where the city had the name of Nomisterium.

Through the twelfth and seventeenth centuries the city was a major trading area for the Roman Empire.  During the fifteenth century the city, like so many in the area suffered great losses due to the Hustle Wars.  After the thirty year war the citizens of the town were forced into practicing Catholicism.  Those who did not comply would be threatened with property confiscation and the obligation to leave the kingdom.

The Second World War

During the second world war this city was home for many Jews.  Being sieged by the Germans many Jews were transported by foot to concentration camps located hundreds of miles away.


Even though this city has seen its share of hardships and war, the city of today is filled with beauty and culture.  Some of the sights that you will want to come and see are the Stephen’s cathedral at the Dome Square built between 1664 and 1668.

The next location is the bishop’s residence built between 1683 and1701.  From there you can make your way to the main square.  In the square you will find the All-Saints Church and within  walking distance the Annunciation (Lady Day) Church.

The old town hall, now city museum is another great place to visit.  From there a stroll over to the Black Eagle House, Dům u černého oral, on the main square are also worthy of a look.  When traveling through the city you will also see a chalice everywhere.  This is the symbol of the city and is prominent in all the cities architecture.

For those of you looking to travel this will be one of the most relaxing and history filled locations on your itinerary.  Make sure that you take your time to take picture, talk to the locals and enjoy all of the sights, sounds and foods.

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