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Mariánské Lázně
Marianske Lazne Spa, Cross Spring Pavilion. The most famous spring heavily mineralized with a laxative effect. Czech Republic, Europe

Mariánské Lázně

Mariánské Lázně is the second biggest and important Czech spa city. It’s one the imaginary peaks of West Bohemia spa triangle. City is extinguished by its many and diverse mineral springs. No wonder that tourists and patients are coming from every corner of our state and from abroad.

Mariánské Lázně are famous mostly thanks to spas, but it’s also a nice city, which is worth the visit.

History of the city

It’s fairly young city, which history is not that rich. Mariánské Lázně has been established in the begging of 19th century on the place, where is many mineral healing springs. This valley was destined to be a spa city. Local residents have known about healing springs since 13th century, but only since 18th century doctor Josef Nehr started with discoveries of its valuable healing effects.

Since the 1818 are Mariánské Lázně the “public spa place”. Arrival of guests didn’t take long. Thanks to this the construction development on the turn of 18th and 19th century were in “golden age” for this spa city.

New hotels were made, spa buildings, colonnades and churches. Parks were modified and spread and romantic sights and in year 1872 the city finally gained train connection with Cheb, Vienna and Prague, via Plzeň and since 1898 also with Karlovy Vary.

Spas were regularly visited by many important guests; one of them was Johann Wolfgang Goethe.

Important places in Mariánské Lázně

Unique architectonic sight, which we can see is pseudo baroque cast-iron colonnade from the year 1889, where is Křížův’s, Karolonin’s and Rudolf’s spring collected. Right before the colonnade is “Singing fountain” placed, which is very attractive for tourists.

Mariánské Lázně belongs to the most beautiful spa cities in the whole Europe. Great pride of the city apart the mineral springs, is beautiful parks and romantic gardens.

City today lives thanks to spa and tourist industry. Thanks to great train connection, tourists can visit even without a car.

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