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Old Town Square in Prague Czech Republic

Old Town Square – architectural wonder of historical importance

The Old Town Square is among the several notable attractions in Prague. This is a place where you see the ancient come alive. The Old Town Square presents the prevailing architectural styles of the medieval age. Here, you see not just the Gothic but also the Renaissance and Baroque styles. Some of the oldest parts of the area also present the Romanesque style. For those interested in studying the passage of time, nothing offers as much food for thought as the Old Town Square, one of the most popular visitor destinations in Prague, Czechoslovakia.

History –

The Old Town Square has seen it all, the times of peace when traders plied their trade and times of war over religious or kingship reasons. It started as a humble marketplace for the common folks to trade goods and exchange gossip. Soon it turned into an important landmark as the city grew. The buildings started becoming more elaborate. The Romanesque gave way to the Gothic and then the Baroque as the eras passed.

Astronomical Clock –

One of the wonders of the city is the clock, which is a marvel of engineering. The clock is a few centuries old but has undergone many renovations and upgrades, most recently in the 19th century. it has also been damaged by wars and floods, but has managed to stand its ground. It presents a march of figurines in clockwork precision as each hour strikes. From the 12 Apostles to human failings such as miserliness and vanity, as well as death, there are plenty of religious figures depicted here. Also notable is a crowing cock, symbolic of the advent of dawn and an end to the terrors of the night.

Tyn Church –

The church is another notable feature of the Old Town Square. Typical of the Gothic style it features however, interiors that belong to the Baroque style. The church was also a site of power struggle in the 15th century and thus features many symbols from the Hussite as well as Jesuit sects. An interesting fact, according to many reports, is that the architecture of the church inspired the design of a castle in a Disney movie. Those visiting the church will also have a chance to view the 17th century organ.

Jan Hus monument –

One of the most notable figures in the religious reform movement of the medieval era was Jan Hus. A statue of Jan Hus stands prominently overlooking the square. The House of the Stone Bell is another fascinating destination, offering a peek into a bygone era with its intricately preserved interiors.

How to get there –

You can reach Old Town Square if you take Metro Line A to Staromestska or the tram to the same destination. Tram lines 17 and 18 service the route to the destination.

Nearby attractions –

This place is known as a favorite spot for tourists. Apart from sightseeing the historical buildings, you can take your time to relax in one of the prettiest town squares in Europe. You can enjoy coffee at the street side restaurants, watching the crowds go past or go for a fancier meal at the restaurants nearby.