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Where to Go

Powder Tower

Powder Tower Prague

When visiting Prague one of the most enjoyable events that you will partake is sightseeing.  One of the best ways to do this is from the top of the Powder Tower.  The Powder Tower was the original gateway into the city of Prague back in the eleventh century.  Now it …

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Krizik’s fountain

Photo of Krizik´s fountain

One of the greatest experiences I had when vising Prague was when I came and watched the amazing light and water show that was performed at the Krizik fountain.  This fountain located in the center of Prague and is an amazing sight to see for tourists and locals alike. Enjoy …

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Stromovka Park

When visiting Prague you may soon become overwhelmed by the sheer amount of sights to see and places to visit.  For many people this may become exhausting and for those on vacation may soon need a vacation in order to relax.  This is where taking some time to relax and …

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Wallenstein Garden

When visiting Prague you will be surrounded by culture, history and buildings that will take you back in time to the days of kings and queens.  Surrounding the city are an assortment of gardens, parks and other carvings of nature that will allow you to center yourself as well as …

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Dancing House Prague

Czech Republic Travel Advice

When visiting Prague you will be surrounded by churches, castles, medieval statures, gardens and sights that will just take your breath away.  When visiting Prague you may feel that you have taken a giant step back in time and as a result wonder if the city will ever catch up …

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Vysehrad the upper castle in Prague

When traveling through Prague you will want to take a day and visit the Vysehrad.  The Vysehrad is the oldest fort located in Prague.  Originally constructed in the tenth century the fort was used for a wide range of different purposes from a residence for kings to a training facility …

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Your visit to the Prague Castle

Prague Castle

If you are a lover of history as well as old wondrous castles then you will want to ensure you visit the Prague castle on your visit to Prague. The Prague Castle is the most visited and most anticipated sight to visit in Prague. Measuring five hundred and seventy (570) meters …

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