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Powder Tower Prague
Powder Tower Prague

Powder Tower

When visiting Prague one of the most enjoyable events that you will partake is sightseeing.  One of the best ways to do this is from the top of the Powder Tower.  The Powder Tower was the original gateway into the city of Prague back in the eleventh century.  Now it is a monument to the past and a way for all those visiting Prague to see the entire city from one vantage point.

The History

When we look at the Powder Tower we discover that it is one of the original thirteen city gates that granted passage in the Old Town. The construction on this tower began in the year 1475 and its initial intent was to add a little flare and visual appeal to the entrance of the city, something to break up the cold gaze of accompanying defensive towers.

Original Purpose

After the tower was completed in 1485, the tower was used to store gun powder and other munitions from the war, the tower was converted to be a tourist location where locals and visitors could go and view the beautiful city.

Enjoy the wondrous views of Prague from the glorious Powder Tower

When visiting the tower be prepared for a long windy walk.  No elevator is available and the only way up is via a narrow winding stone staircase. As you walk up to the top of the tower you will be greeted by two landing areas where you can read more about the history of the tower as well as gaze out towards different vistas of the city.

When reaching to top of the tower you will be able to gaze in all directions at all of the amazing sights that Prague has to offer.  Ensure that you bring a camera and take your time as the sights that you see are like none other in Prague.

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