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Prague National Museum

When visiting Prague there will be no shortage of historical landmarks and religious pilgrimages that you can take part in.  However there are one or two that house a massive amount of historical and religious artifacts in one location.  One of the best you will find in Prague is the National Museum.

View over 14 million pieces of art and historical artifacts in the Prague National Museum

The National Museum is home to almost 14 million items from the area of natural history, history, arts, music and librarianship, located in dozens of buildings.  When you enter the museum you will be astonished at what you will see.

Constructed in 1818 by Kašpar Maria Šternberg the national Museums ultimate goal was to offer a safe haven for all of Prague’s treasures.  When visiting the museum you can experience any of the six buildings that makes up the museum.

The Department of Prehistory and Protohistory

In this department you will be able to relive the past.  Here you will find tools, machines and a wide assortment of ancient artifacts that tell the tale of the founders of the city of Prague as well as their ancestors.

The Department of the Old Czech History

In this part of the museum you will find numerous objects which trace the development of Czech state beginning from the Slavonic culture of 10th century up to the independent republic Czechoslovakia in 1918.  For those of you who are interested in early historical events will love this portion of the museum.

The Department of Ethnography

In this department of the museum you will learn a lot of the culture and history of the Czech people as well as surrounding areas of Europe.

Department of Numismatics

In this area of the museum you will find yourself surrounded by money.  Literally.  In this area of the museum you will learn about the monetary system of the Czech Republic as well as historical events that surrounded good and bad economic times.

Archives of the National Museum

In this section of the museum you will find a large assortment of manuscripts, charts and other literary works crated by the Czech people and their culture.

Department of Theater

If you love theater and the arts you will love this department.  Here you will find archives of famous and local works of today and years gone by.

When visiting Prague you want to ensure that you take the time to visit the national museum.  Here you will be able to take in a lot of what Prague has to offer and better plan your trip in order to experience the best of Prague.

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