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Idyllic atmosphere in the popular park Stromovka in Prague

Stromovka Park

When visiting Prague you may soon become overwhelmed by the sheer amount of sights to see and places to visit.  For many people this may become exhausting and for those on vacation may soon need a vacation in order to relax.  This is where taking some time to relax and enjoy a lovely stroll through Stromovka Park will do you good.

A Day to Remember

When visiting Prague you may soon feel a little homesick. This can be normal so a good way to center yourself is to visit a park.  At Stromovka park you will be able to get in a good morning run or do some other energetic exercise or just get out and go for a stroll with the kids.

Romance is in the air

When visiting the park you may want to walk hand in hand with someone you love, look at the changing colors of the trees or find a shady spot in the middle of summer to sit down, enjoy a quiet picnic or steel a gaze into each other’s eyes. No matter what the occasion a trip to this park will do wonders.

Pets and Children

When visiting the park you will be able to take your favorite pet along for the ride. With the park being pet friendly you can have your dog’s run free, catch Frisbees, balls or just lounge next to you on a blanket soaking up the atmosphere.  If you have small children there are swings, monkey bars and other distractions that will keep them active for hours on end.

Photo Opportunities

When visiting Prague you will want to capture those amazing memories of your visit.  Taking the opportunity to capture that perfect moment in a scenic backdrop of our park is one that can’t be missed.

So, if you are out for a day with the family, looking to get in a scenic run before a hard days work or celebrating life in general, there is no place better in Prague than Stromovka Park.

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