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Wallenstein Garden

When visiting Prague you will be surrounded by culture, history and buildings that will take you back in time to the days of kings and queens.  Surrounding the city are an assortment of gardens, parks and other carvings of nature that will allow you to center yourself as well as feel at peace with the world.

One of these gardens is the Wallenstein Garden.  The Wallenstein Garden is a geometrically designed garden that sits right below the Wallenstein Palace.  Constructed in i623 and completed in 1629 this garden has been a show piece for Prague and its visitors for centuries.

When visiting the gardens for the first time one’s eyes are drawn to the massive sala pavilion, which at the time of its construction was unprecedented, and an artificial cave with stalactites (grotto).  As you stroll through the gardens you will encounter large hedges that encompass you in a maze like structure.  Guarded on your journey through pathways are large statues with medieval weapons guarding the castle from intruders.

When visiting Prague you will defiantly want to schedule a day to come and vast in the warm sun and beauty that is the Wallenstein Gardens.  It will be a day that you will remember for the rest of your life.

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