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Czechia the Heart of Europe

The Czech Republic, also known by its acronym Czechia, is a country in Central Europe that is famous for its temperate climate, diverse culture and most of all, its Gothic architecture. Over the years, the country has witnessed a surge in the number of tourist arrivals, due to its landmark features. Castles, Synagogues, Cathedrals and other historical sites typify this beautiful country.

Interestingly, most of the prehistoric buildings are still intact, having survived the renaissance period and several world wars. What is more captivating is that the Czech Republic is home to several UNESCO world heritage sites. You will always want to come back once you set foot on Czech soil.

The country experiences a typical moderate European climate that consists of warm summers and cold winters. The best time to visit would definitely be during the summer, for winters can be extremely cold and hazardous to your health. However, if you enjoy winter sports, then consider dropping by in January, which is often the coldest month.

Temperatures also vary, considering the various mountain ranges that characterize the countryside. The Jizera Mountains on the Czech-Polish border experiences the wettest weather, while Louny District is considered the driest. Whatever your preferences, a visit to the Czech Republic will always be a memorable experience.

Prague, which is the capital city of Czechia, receives the highest number of visitors annually, in comparison to other cities in the region. It is the largest city in Czech in terms of population and has a rich history spanning over 1100 years.

The Prague Castle complex is the highlight of this great city. It is considered as the largest castle in the world, in terms of area, making it virtually impossible to visit all the 40 buildings of the complex, in a single day. The castle once hosted famous kings and emperors during the medieval ages and now serves as the official residence of the President.

Besides Prague, the Czech Republic hosts numerous places of interest. You will definitely be spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting the best places to visit. Brno, Kutna Hora and Cesky Krumlov are some of the cities you should consider visiting when you make your maiden tour of the Czech Republic. Accessing these towns is relatively easy, considering the advanced transport network that connects the country. Traverse the countryside via train or tram for some more breathtaking views. Alternatively, you can go on a nature trail and discover what the country has to offer. The unique architectural designs are a joy to behold, not to mention the beautiful scenery that awaits you, when you visit the countryside.

How does the prospect of staying in a castle sound? Do not worry about where you will stay, when you visit Czechia. The country hosts numerous hotels and resorts that provide accommodation at budget-friendly rates. Moreover, some of the castles that adorn the country provide accommodation services as well.

Ignite your taste buds by sampling some of the best of Czech cuisines, and then wash it down your throat by having the best beer in the world. Czechs are renowned for their astute brewing skills and friendly culture. It is not surprising that the country is regarded as the heart of Europe, not only because of its central location, but also its inviting culture.

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