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Night view of Wenceslas Square, Prague, Czech republic

Exploring the new look of Prague

They say if you don’t grow and change you will die.  The same goes for cities and other areas around the world.  As you visit Prague you will be surrounded by old buildings, great works of art and from it all feel that you have stepped back in time to an era long since past.

Prague, even though it is still draped in the past is building itself up as a modern city. In the year 1989 the city of Prague decided that it was going to go through a major renovation and start adding new and modern buildings and structures to its landscape.  To accomplish this the Prague government reached out to all the architects they could find and gathered them all in one place.  It was here that they came up with the new look and design Prague.

The dancing house

One of the most influential structures in the new Prague was the dancing house.  The lines of this building and it’s all glass exterior make it a modern and artistic structure in the city of Prague.  The building curves and angels to catch the light.  At night it gives the city an astonishing feeling of being from the future as it is surrounded by ancient buildings.

The golden angel

The golden angel is an area in Prague developed from old factories and buildings.  When factories and industries left Prague for greener pastures the old buildings were torn down or renovated to be a city marketplace with modern shops and tourist attractions.

Corso Karlin

Suffering a similar fate when then factories left Prague construction was made to bring commerce back to Prague.  This is where the Corso Karlin comes in.  Once a place of construction the area is now filled with lush parks, housing and businesses that can all be enjoyed by the residents or Prague.

When it comes to the city of Prague new advancements in technology and construction are making their way into the ancient landscape slowly but surely.  As you visit Prague you will want to make sure that you take a look at some of these new modern constructions.  You will be amazed at the feeling you get when seeing the combination of old and new.

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