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Zlin – Moravian capital

Zlin in the Czech republic is known for its association with a world famous brand of shoes. The city forms part of the region of Zlin, once the seat of Moravian empire and your tour to the city also offers the added bonus of being able to visit some notable heritage monuments.

The city itself is known for a newer, more basic architectural style. Built in the early 20th century, the city’s buildings were designed on functional lines rather than aesthetic. So, you can see a marked departure from the ornate styles of previous eras. The city was created to be a commercial center, a place where workers could live, work, and find amusement.

The city is famous for its associated with the shoe brand Bata. Thomas Bata founded the shoe factory in this city around the same time that the square shaped buildings were constructed. The brand soon became world famous, with factories in distant parts of the world.

The Bata Skyscraper, a tall monument that was at the time the tallest in Europe, is the most notable attraction. It reminds one of the era of busy commerce and industrialization, when Europe was opening up to factories and a new way of doing business. Thomas Bata also felt the need to create proper housing for the people of the city, and thus commissioned the best architects of the era to design the city. Le Corbusier and Jan Kotera were the ones who designed the meticulous city plan, ensuring perfect functionality.

Shoe Museum

If you are looking to learn more about the recent history of the city, this is the place to start your tour. The place is noteworthy for the Bata collection of shoes, some dating back almost 600 years. The museum offers historic and exotic shoes, and it is known as one of the first museums dedicated to footwear.

Malenovic Castle

Look at the glories of an earlier era as you visit the castle, built in gothic style in the early 16th century. The major attractions are the ceiling, built in typical gothic style, and the furnishings. The castle also houses a museum where you can learn more about the history of the place, look at old documents.

The museum also educates on the earliest known human settlements at the region, going back to the Paleolithic era.

Lesna Zoo

The zoo is situated in the area of Lesna park, which forms part of the Lesna estate. The Lesna mansion is famous for its Art Nouveau style architecture, paintings, and a collection of rare objects from around the world.

For those planning to visit the zoo, there is much to look forward to, from the mini train ride, to contests for children. There are many animals here from around the world. You can see exhibits dedicated to different continents. Children are also encouraged to interact with animals at some areas.

There are plenty of other things to look forward to, and you can divide your time between exploring historic monuments, and cultural attractions. the city offers relaxation, leisure, and educational experiences that will leave visitors asking for more.

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